What if I told you Facebook ads marketing is SIMPLER than you're led to believe?
"You're not struggling with Facebook ads. 
You're struggling with MARKETING." 
As Facebook Marketers The Struggle of Keeping Up With Changes Is Real
"What works today might not work tomorrow..." 

We all know Facebook is constantly changing but what if I told you I know the secret ingredient to consistent profit no matter what Facebook does to switch up the advertising game?

... lack of sales
... expensive leads
... increasing competition

These are all things that seriously hurt your business (and confidence) as a Facebook Marketer... I know, because I've been there many years ago.

Here are just a few of my mistakes: 🤦‍♂️

❌ Spent a year boosting posts thinking that was the only way to run ads
❌ Couldn't make sense of the range of targeting and ad options
❌ Found very little practical help let alone guidance on exactly what I should be doing
❌ Was close to giving up on Facebook Ads as a viable advertising platform
❌ I wasted thousands trying to test things without knowing how to get things working
❌ I struggled to repeat my successes as I failed to develop a strategy, relying on chance
❌ I always felt Facebook was against me; just when things got working the rug was pulled from beneath me
❌ I felt inferior looking at other people's results, wondering what their secrets were...

✅ Then... found a formula that worked back in 2014, that's continued to pay dividends today. 

Yep, 5 years later, EVEN in 2019... in fact it's so advanced that Facebook only recently caught up and started talking more about this.
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Simon Ridgwell
"Double ROAS on Cold Traffic"
Hey Depesh, I implemented your emotional vs functional pulls into my ads this morning and have doubled my ROAS on cold traffic...

David Fogarty
"$40k a day the past 2 days!"
It's 44 degrees in Australia and I am killing it with the techniques you taught me. $40k a day the past 2 days!

Zack Peacock
"More value than any other course"
Been running FB ads at decent scale for almost 4 years now.
I've gotten more value out of Depesh's framework than probably any other course.

Mark Dawson
"Depesh handles my ads. Enough said."
I've built a $2m businesses teaching authors how to use FB ads to sell books. I know FB inside and out and am a control freak. Depesh handles my ads. Enough said.
Derric Haynie
"Depesh has proven he's one of the greats"
I consider myself a decent advertiser already, but after one hour with Depesh, I realized that I have to completely overhaul and improve my entire account structure. With Facebook ads especially, it's important that you're learning from the best. Depesh has proven he's one of the greats.
Sam Bendida
"Depesh is the real deal"
Depesh is the real deal. His deep expertise on Facebook advertising and proven experience in Ecommerce are truly impressive. I purchased his course and joined his mastermind group after recommendations from top players who are learning from him. The return of investment and time saved are priceless. Highly recommended!

"One of the best in world..."
Tim Burd
"The level of details.."
Shadi Gh
"..amazing teacher"
Tommy Patterson
"It's just amazing.."
"..highly recommended"
"Got a lot to take away"
John Hutchinson
Dear Facebook Marketer, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, 

If you've read this far, you either have further questions, or you scanned the page for the price.

It's natural. If the investment was the first thing you looked at then let me address that first.

To learn anything, you either invest time or money. 

In 2009, I nearly lost everything, including my house after I lost my corporate job of nearly 5 years. It took 3 months to find a new job but in that time, despite the lack of money, I heavily invested my time in learning affiliate marketing through forums and websites.

By 2011 I had created a 7-figure revenue from Affiliate marketing, whilst working a 9-5 and bringing up a young family. It took me 2 years of suffering and pain, scraping together the time and money I had to grow that business. 

It might sound like a dream to create a lucrative income like that, but how often do you hear of the blood, sweat and tears that it cost to get there?

If I could have invested money in bypassing 2 years of learning and pain, I would have in an instant. 

And I have no problem with you learning everything I know, for yourself by following groups, Youtube videos and experimenting on your own ad accounts. In fact I did this with Facebook ads in 2012, spending thousands of dollars and 18 months of my life trying to make it work.

I'm packaging up all those mistakes and learnings into something you can apply and profit from in literally DAYS!

Jordan did exactly that right after joining the program in early 2019. Depending on where you are it's entirely possible that you could pay back the full investment of this coaching program within days too.
Do you have time or money to spare?

I personally place the highest value on time than anything else my business can offer. I hire coaches, consultants and a team to help me achieve my goals. I can't do it alone and I would rather delegate than do. It's how I have time to spend with my 4 children, wife, talk on stages around the world, host masterminds, coach inner circle students, run an agency, Ecom stores, affiliate marketing, consult for Facebook, invest in stocks and property and of course support people like you through this training program.

If that sounds like a lot, it's not, when you have systems, process and people. This training is all about the systems and processes you need to build predictable results with Facebook. Where you take that free time afterwards is entirely up to you!


Packaged up there's far more value than the investment you're making. I don't do this for the money; I'm on a personal mission, to fix the massive gap between the amazing platform Facebook provide, and the knowledge out there in the digital marketing space.

I'm asked 'why not do it for free then' - I tried this and it led to inaction and people saw it as low quality. My mentor told me I'm undercharging and undervaluing the program - but I decided to reach and help as many people as I could. But, since this is a coaching program once we hit a tipping point, prices will go up for my personal time and enrolment will close.

You see, my agency fees are 5 to 6-figures a year to implement and run this for clients. We help businesses scale to high 7 and 8-figures in return. Not a bad return on investment I'm sure you'll agree.

I personally charge $2000 per hour for my time and pack in far more actions for people to take in one hour than people can action themselves in weeks.

So, if you do the math:

£997 gets you my tried and testing frameworks.

£2997 gets you that PLUS access to my private Mastermind group where I will personally help you succeed in your business no matter what it is - think of it as gaining access to a Chief Marketing Officer consultant and one of THE top Facebook advertisers into your business!

Over a year my agency can charge over £50K (with sizeable returns of course) to implement this for a client.

£997 for £50000 worth of potential value. That's not even considering the revenue and profits we generate. Not just for clients, but our own products and services.

I talk the talk because I walk the walk. You won't find many with the experience and knowledge I can package up for you.

If you have a good grasp of Facebook Ads, but want to accelerate your results WITH direct access to me, the BPM METHOD is right for you. You'll get full course lifetime access plus join me for 8 weeks of group coaching when it's open. 

The value you see is the value we bring to clients and what I've been delivering for many years.

Despite the value of the program, I'm costing this at less than a tenth of the true value. No other coaching program comes close to what's inside. Are you ready for change?

Oh and yes, there's a pay plan too, because I want to see you succeed.

If you have further questions feel free to reach out at depesh @ depeshmandalia.com

I look forward to seeing you inside,


p.s. if you've already invested in my flagship training (The Facebook Ads Playbook, Facebook Ads for Ecommerce or The BPM System) then the training material inside is already included in your previous purchase. However the 8-weeks coaching is available to you at an upgrade if you wish to join. Please email depesh@depeshmandalia.com with subject "8 week coaching"

p.p.s if you've continued reading perhaps you'd like more info on who I am?

> A Recognised Global Authority on Facebook Ads Marketing
> Agency Owner Overseeing $6M+ A Year In Global Ad Spend
> Advisor and Council Member for Facebook
> International Speaker and Thought Leader
> Profitable Affiliate, Ecommerce, Info Product and Agency Entrepreneur
> 15 Years Marketing Experience Including Chief Marketing Officer Roles In VC Backed Startups
> Facebook Ads Community Leader to Over 6,000 Entrepreneurs & Marketers
> Someone That Genuinely Cares For Your Success

"My mission is to bridge the gap between what high spending experts like me are doing right now and the knowledge and support gap between you and Facebook. I went through lots of pain when I spent 18 months and thousands in spend before I figured this Facebook ads game out. I did the hard work so you don't have to"
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